New Café Fêtes Our Donna

Donna Aceto’s photography from a massive AIDS demonstration in the early months of Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s first term.

Since 2017, East One Coffee Roasters has been a successful restaurant and roastery in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Since that time, its owners, Tom Cummings and his husband Morten Tjelum, have teamed up with the Camera Club of New York on Baxter Street downtown in a small café that also serves as an arts programming venue.

Now, East One is heading to Chelsea, opening up a new café and retail shop at 170 West 23rd Street, where it will have an all-women roasting team led by Selina Ullrich and Emily Wendorff.

The restaurant, which debuts this coming Saturday evening, June 29, will, in recognition of WorldPride, feature photographs by Donna Aceto, who has been Gay City News’ principal photographer for the past 15 years, and has also done significant work in chronicling AIDS Walks here and in California and in documenting the life of the late icon Edie Windsor. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Aceto’s phots will benefit Gays Against Guns.

Donna Aceto chronicling the activism of Gays Against Guns.

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