7 Days in dance

Volume 5, Number 24 | June 15 – 21, 2006

7 Days in Dance

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LA MAMA MOVES La MaMa prepares to go out dancing. Close to 50 different choreographers and groups perform in six different themed programs – a new project, not short on ambition. The three weeks celebrate the close association and mutual influence of contemporary dance and theater, the ways in which experimental theater veers close to dance and dance to theater, with the lines between often blurred. Given La MaMa’s open-armed welcoming to new theater, the venue is a perfect arena for the three weeks of experimental dance. The evenings, rarely more than 90 minutes long, offer an adventurous survey of risky and imaginative dance happening both in New York and abroad. Thematically organized, the programs include “Duets,” “Dancing Divas,” “Children of UR,” “Burlesque Blow-Out!,” “Mavericks in Motion” and “Border Jumping.” All tickets $10. Nicky Paraiso and Mia Yoo are co-curators. For a complete schedule, lamama.org. June 16- July 9 at La Mama ETC., 74A E. Fourth St.


FOOD FOR THOUGHT Perennial favorite FOOD FOR THOUGHT returns this season with a series of dynamic performances curated by Nami Yamamoto on Friday evening, Christopher Williams on Saturday, and Tere O’Connor on Sunday. Food proceeds from the benefit performance support programs of the AIDS Service Center, a multi-service community organization that promotes the well-being, empowerment, and stability of persons living with and at risk for HIV/AIDS throughout the City and neighboring areas. (Info at ascnyc.org.) Nami Yamamoto brings together Kimberly Brandt, Lise Serrell, Jennifer Cook, Megumi Eda, Merceditas Manago-Alexander, and Ryutaro Mishima for an evening entitled “Three minutes is a very good length indeed,” in which each artist performs two 3-minute pieces. For “Music from before 1600,” Christopher Williams invited artists to make a short work that in some way, shape, or form employed the music of that time period. Douglas Dunn, Jonah Bokaer, Jessica Morgan, Takemi Kitamura, Joshua Bisset, and Jane Jerardi perform. And choreographer du jour Tere O’Connor curates an evening that is sure to delight, featuring work by Michael Helland, Jon Kinzel, Jennifer Rosenblit, and Juliette Mapp. Danspace Project at St. Mark’s Church, 131 Second Ave. at 10th St. $5 plus two cans of food or $10 at 212-674-8194. Jun. 16-18 at 8:30 p.m.