5th Birthday Party for Crunch Fitness on West 23rd Street in Chelsea!

Let’s get physical at the 5th Birthday Party for Crunch Fitness in Chelsea on Tuesday, February 26!

When Crunch Fitness opened on West 23rd Street in 2014, workouts in Chelsea were known for glam branding and nightclub atmospheres.

Crunch has retained the fun but broadened the appeal — as its 2,300 members can attest to.

That’s why on Tuesday, February 26, from 5-8 p.m., Crunch Fitness will be throwing a 5-year birthday party.

Members and non-members alike are welcome to indulge on free croissants, fruit and coffee, cookies, cupcakes, DotFit protein shake samples and more.

But calories will not be the only item on the list of festivities. Get a heart rate measurement and evaluation before getting a sweat on, with basketball (shooting hoops burns 300 calories in an hour) push-up and mountain ski challenges. Then try the “vibration” demonstrations with the Hypervolt, Vibrating Foam Roller and Hypersphere.

There will also be special birthday-themed group fitness classes with a chance to win something from the Crunch Shop.

Oh, and there will be T-shirt giveaways.

Not to mention that we’re offering a 7-day guest pass to anyone who RSVPs in advance!

For more information visit their Facebook page. And remember, just don’t lift the weights — show them who’s boss!

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